My Wedding Catering Adventure

I am still basking in the glow of my first CATERING experience for a wedding last night! There were so many kind reviews which made the intense learning curve worth it! Those of you know me know that I am a closet foodie, and it’s always been a secret ambition of mine to get paid to cook something. So when an acquaintance approached me to cater her wedding after a potluck I’d contributed a few dishes to, it was an irresistible temptation!
Overall it went really well considering I had to produce everything in my home kitchen. Things to remember if I do it again: always bring my own knives, never assume a venue automatically stocks plastic wrap or foil, and try to remember I am not feeding a small country.
To the best sous chef in the county: my dear friend Moira ~ you were my hero last night!! Hubby, thank you too for being my beast of burden, schlepping three carloads worth of feast and finery to and fro~and not complaining TOO much… Aunt Susan ~ your mango chutney recipe was the hit of the night! And thanks so much to Ray, Michael, Judith, Peg and Cara~without your wonderful advice (and oxygen) I would not have been able to take this scary but interesting step into a world I have always admired from afar. Will I ever do it again? Not an event as big as a wedding…I don’t have the kitchen for that…but it was a seriously fun adventure!
The photos of the event aren’t mine, but they do show a little about what the spread looked like.
Catering by Isabel

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