Indianola is one of those villages that is blessed with extraordinary southern views of Puget Sound, the Seattle skyline, the Cascade Mountain range AND the Olympic Mountains (on a clear day that is!)  My favorite is Mt. Rainier, however.  Our view of it this January has been extraordinary!Mamma Mia

Even in January the Farm Kitchen is a beautiful place to have a wedding, as Marandi and Justin did with style.  They did their “First Look” under the grapevine entrance into the orchard and Justin was all grins as he saw his gorgeous bride for the first time.  While it was certainly cold, it was still sunny and we were able to have some beautiful lighting for the bride/groom and group shots.  Some highlights for me included the lively and funny group of children, the bubbles that they blew on Justin and Marandi during their first dance, and the couple’s desire to have some creative photos taken with the gorgeous lighting at the farm.  Very fun wedding!Winter WeddingWinter Wedding at the Farm Kitchen

One of the easiest things for a photographer in the Pacific Northwest is when light cloud cover creates beautifully even lighting. Especially for large groups!
Family Reunion in Hansville

I have had the great pleasure of being the family photographer for this growing family for several years now and I love when the holidays come along because they are always game for a fun family portrait.  This year we had one of the best summer seasons in years, yielding a bountiful harvest, and their farm was no exception.  The pumpkins they are holding represent only a fraction of what they grew!

Fun in the Foliage!

Broken Ground Farm is a lively family farm in Hansville, Washington, specializing in growing vegetables, berries, herbs, flowers and seed crops using age-old organic practices. They have a strong presence at our local farmer’s markets and sell shares in their CSA.  On this day, I happened to be near the farm just as the sun was coming up, which made the farm look like it was from another time.  Early morning at the farm

What is a little rain in the Northwest?  We expect it.  It somehow feels right when it rains.  And we are always prepared with appropriately colored umbrellas for important outdoor occasions.  Tana and Donovan’s beautiful Farm Kitchen wedding might have had a few drops during the outdoor ceremony, but that didn’t stop their family and friends from having a great time.  Doing it in style

Sam is one of those luminescent beauties that lights up a room whenever she smiles.  We shot in my studio for her senior portraits, and out of 200 shots, I think there were only two that I didn’t show her due to blinking.  I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of record!!

Sam in the Studio