Indianola Beach

I am usually speechless when it comes to how much beaches mean to me, and especially Indianola Beach, which I seem to be walking on at least 300 days of the year. This morning I headed out without my dog (for something different) and was treated to quite a show by the Birds of the Hood! Herons are astounding to me~so graceful and vividly feathered on the one hand, and so clunky when they try to go airborne! I must have stared at this one for a good twenty minutes, watching him scoping out possible breakfast options before flattening himself down and then swiping at his prey. The eagles, meanwhile, just seemed to be more interested in making a whole lot of racket. A Facebook friend likened them to an old married couple, which made me laugh. Indianola beach is such a treasure to walk on, no matter what time of year. Recently there have been scores of baby Dungeness crab in the tide pools, and thousands (millions?) of live sand dollars thrive on this beach, so many that I pull off my shoes when I come to their villages.Heron at Indianola BeachA pair of eagles bickering at Indianola BeachHeron eating fishEagle overhead on Indianola beachHeron at Indianola beachMt. Rainier with a heron in foreground

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