About Me

IsabelI have loved all kinds of photography ever since I received my first Brownie camera at age 12.  About ten years ago I shot my first wedding, which I confess was one of the more stressful moments of my life.  Surprisingly, I not only survived it, I was actually kind of thrilled by it.  Weddings are an unusually wonderful thing to be a part of, as people (most of the time) are in a celebratory mood.  I love that there can be some very interesting characters at a wedding, (perhaps because the wine is flowing?), and that people make a point of pulling out the stops, all the way from The Dress, to the exquisite wedding flowers they’ve chosen, to the way a couple personalizes their ceremony, or to the cute tuxedos on little boys.  Working in a profession where everybody looks so fine and where you also have gourmet foods and CAKE is a pretty great thing.

Weddings are, more than anything else, stories.  For this reason, when I shoot a wedding, an event, or a portrait, it is rare that I will put the camera down.  The camera slows down time in a fascinating way, so that my subject is allowed to see not just their own point of view, but what is happening around them at the time.  The gestures and expressions of those around them, the things in the background or the things they just didn’t SEE when they were living it the first time~this is what come out to play in a photograph.

I have come to believe that what photographers and artists and writers of all kinds have in common is the ability to step back and observe life from a few steps back.  We have a way to slow down life, and through the gift of our art, we can share those valuable perspectives with others.